Environmental Stewardship

A 30+ Year Partnership with the Cahaba River Society

  • Environmental Stewardship


Southern & Gulf Coast Division

Vulcan continues its partnership with the Cahaba River Society, which began as its first corporate sponsor more than 30 years ago

The Cahaba River Society works to protect the longest free-flowing river in the State of Alabama and is the primary drinking water source for one-fifth of the state’s population. Smithsonian Magazine has singled out the Cahaba River as one of the most biologically rich rivers in the United States, with more fish species than any other river in North America.  The mission of the Cahaba River Society is to restore and protect the Cahaba River watershed and its rich diversity of life.  This involves:

  • Protecting the aquatic wildlife of one of the most biodiverse rivers in the world.
  • Creating a healthy environment for all the region’s residents, regardless of race, income or where they live.
  • Safeguarding the quality and supply of drinking water.
  • Educating youth and adults to improve environmental decision making.
  • Advocating solutions that are aligned with the restoration of the Cahaba and the growth of our communities.
  • Committing to a balanced, science-based approach to the work of the Society.
  • Creating positive partnerships to be a successful consensus builder in the community.

Vulcan’s partnership with the Cahaba River Society over three decades has focused on leading support for its education programs, and on working with the Society and the business community on “solutions that are aligned with restoration of the Cahaba and the growth of our communities.”